Authentise 3DIAX is constellation of modules. Each module has a discrete function and a dedicated API. For example, the Users and Permissions module is in charge of all user management, group membership, and access control. The API lives at users.authentise.com. Some modules depend on others for the work that they do.

image of service interdependencies

Modules on the bottom of the image form the foundation for services higher up. To determine the dependencies of a given module simply locate the module, make note of all the modules it rests on, and then the modules those rest on, and so on.

For example, the Rendering module depends on the Models module. The Models module in turn depends on Secure File Storage, Eventbus and Users and Permissions.

These interdependencies become very important in situations where 3DIAX is deployed into a private datacenter. If you’re interested in private data center deployment please contact Authentise sales at info@authentise.com

Image of services layout in layers

Every module is available in a cloud-native software-as-a-service. APIs are open and available to the general public. To get started using 3DIAX see the 3DIAX API Reference