This section goes over what needs to be set-up for a client to use 3DIAX Libraries.


Request An Account

If you are using our multi-client high availability solution, you will need to contact our support team to create a bureau, populate some base data, set configurations, and create a username and password.

Please contact for full information, if this is the path you are on. Base Install is outside the scope of this document. Standard user should look for their ‘Welcome to Authentise’ email to confirm their bureau on, which indicates these steps are complete.

This initial user will be your Bureau Administrator, and will be empowered to make users, change settings, and edit all 3DAIX resources.

Authentise is more than happy to customize our system, based on customer needs. Bureau Features control entire sub-systems that a Bureau can use. Bureau Settings are used for more detailed settings, or to configure some custom values. For cloud hosted, Authentise will create your Bureau-Admin’s. For custom cloud installs, a Site-Administrator will do this. Contact for this work to be done.

Every module is available in a cloud-native software-as-a-service. APIs are open and available to the general public. To get started using 3DIAX see the 3DIAX API Reference