Authentise’s 3DIAX stores models in a durable, redundant and free storage cloud facility with access to dozens of features developed by Authentise and others, including rendering, parameter control, model manipulation, slicing and others and full access to Authentise’s Design Streaming API and Computer vision-based Print Monitoring tool.

Additionally, to aid the monetization of their intellectual property, design owners will soon be able to use 3DIAX as a hub to securely distribute designs to different marketplaces and service bureaus and collect their royalties accordingly.

3DIAX also represents an exciting opportunity for application developers to seamlessly deploy their tech to Authentise’s user base and join forces with some of the best app developers to deliver superior 3D printing experience.

The range of apps is continually expanding thanks to market-leading third party developers who use 3DIAX as a distribution hub to service a range of clients simultaneously.

To get started using 3DIAX see the 3DIAX API Reference