MES ModuleΒΆ

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Module is a system for managing an entire just-in-time manufacutring center, focused on 3D Printing. The system automates many of the tools availble in 3DIAX, and gives them a unified interface, as well as background jobs and work automation.

The module is best for orchestrating how to maximize throughput and reudce cost when running a manufacutring center. It can also smoothly handle rebalancing prints prints between various digital manufacturing devices, or even through different production locations.

The module starts by grouping production files and production details as individual LineItems. These LineItems can then be added to orders, or connectd to workflows. From there, Runs and manufacuring schedules can be auto-generated, or manaully updaed by the site manager, or managers.

The system integrates with Authentise Machine Analytics to automatically track how machines are used to inform future planning. The system can use design rules to batch work similar priting jobs together for better utilization of machines. It also track the process of a part through the site, and produce reports about machine schedules, both historic and projected into the future